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JAPAN: Hashima Island, featured in James Bond’s Skyfall

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The deserted Hashima Island, Japan, where Bond's Skyfall was shot.

The deserted Hashima Island, Japan, where Bond’s Skyfall was shot.

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ometimes the easiest name is the best. Like the travel blog, which has what it sounds like – destinations at, or close to, sea. 

There are two main types of travel blogs, at least. One is the personal blog where the writer is in focus. The stories are personal and rather non-objective. Then there is the other kind of blogs which tries to present destinations from a non-personal view, and as objective as possible. Traveling Reporter itself leans towards that category, and here we generally prefer to recommend such blogs and websites. is definitely one of those. There isn’t even a name of the writer (or writers). The blog features categories such as lighthouses, beaches and islands, and is quite modest in its approach.

Just to give an example, there’s one post about the Japanese Hashima Island, also called Japan’s Ghost Island of Battleship Island:

Hashima Island, also known as Ghost Island or the Battleship Island is one of the most intriguing marine structures in Nagasaki peninsula. Having been established in 1890 as a coal mining facility to accommodate increasing number of workers in the coal mines of the island, Hashima Island accounted for one of the most inhabited places of Nagasaki Prefecture. However, soon the island became deserted and got the name ‘Ghost Island’. The other name, Battleship Island is English translation for Gunkajima which literally means Battleship Island.

See? Basic, down to the facts, easy to understand. We recommend this blog/travel website for anyone with an interest in sea and oceans.

Another interesting fact about Hashima Island is that a few scenes from Bond movie Skyfall were shot there.

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