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Inside Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

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Ceiling detail of Sagrada Familia. Photo:

SEATTLESTRAVELS.COM. It’s one of the world’s finest architectural wonders which was never finished. At least some may think so – others just dislike the thing. Everyone seems to have an opinion about Barcelona’s mighty cathedral Sagrada Familia.

Architect Antoni Gaudí detailed it to great length on the drawing board, but he never had time to see it finished. In fact, it’s still under construction even though the first stones were laid in as far back as 1882.

During times, the cathedral has been closed for visitors – at least it was when I was in Barcelona a few years back. But one who has seen it is travel blogger Seattle Dredge with her blog

Here’s what she writes about the church:

From hidden rooftop windows, light streams into the middle stars, and reflects all around their sparkly golden surfaces. It is truly a sight to be seen, and not something that can really be enjoyed from a book or a website.

Read Seattle’s blog post here and see her Sagrada Familia photos

The blogger at Sagrada Familia, Barcelona.



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