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SANDY: 10,000 flights, trains, subways closed in NYC

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VIDEO Boats used as Sandy floods streets

(Updated) HURRICANE SANDY — 10,000 FLIGHTS CANCELLED. Hurricane Sandy is causing major disruptions in flights to and from the US this week. As the weather system approached the New York area during the weekend, several airlines sent out information of cancelled flights. More than 10,000 flights were cancelled on Monday and Tuesday, and others reported on Monday.

Photo from New Tork TImes webcam.

But the problems caused by the massive storm, possible the largest ever to hit the US coast, do not end there. Residents and travelers in northeastern United States cannot travel by train either, as rail traffic is also severely hit by the bad weather. On Monday afternoon, 700,000 homes and businesses were reported to be without power.

Around 7 PM local time, New York City officials started to close down several of the city’s bridges and tunnels, the New York Times reported, effectively stranding many of those living on Manhattan since the subway was also closed.

WEBCAM See New York City brace for the storm

Thousands of flights were cancelled due to Sandy.

In New York City and elsewhere along the eastern seaboard, the approaching hurricane made moving around difficult, too. The New York City subway system, used by 10 million people a day, was closed on Monday, due to the risk of floods, CNN reported. Large parts of northeastern United States are also affected.

[pullquote]The scenes are straight out of a disaster blockbuster: A killer storm takes aim at one of the most populated regions of the country – CNN[/pullquote]

Hurricane Sandy on Monday evening.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) said the Category 1 storm had strengthened as it turned toward the coast and was moving at 18 miles per hour (30 km per hour), Reuters reported. It was expected to bring a “life-threatening storm surge,” coastal hurricane winds and heavy snow in the Appalachian Mountains, the NHC said. Forecasters said Sandy was a rare, hybrid “super storm” created by an Arctic jet stream wrapping itself around a tropical storm. Other reports said the weather system was gaining strength, with the possible addition of yet another storm from Canada to merge with the massive hurricane Sandy, expected to hit at the New Jersey–Delaware border between New York City and Washington DC.

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• In New York City, most airlines planned to cancel all flights into and out of the three major airports Sunday night and not resume service until Tuesday, according to USA Today.

• Most carriers were also suspending all flights into and out of Philadelphia as well as Washington’s Reagan National and Dulles International airports.

• Delays rippled across the US, affecting travellers in cities from San Francisco to Chicago, and disruptions spread to Europe and Asia, where airlines cancelled or delayed flights to New York and Washington from cities that are major travel hubs including Berlin, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong, the Herald Sun reported.

Current airport delay status

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Mandatory evacuations have been ordered in some areas and police are knocking on doors to urge people to leave for safer places. By early Monday, water was already topping the seawall in Manhattan’s Battery Park City, one of the areas evacuated by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Reuters reported.

Passengers were adviced to keep themselves updated from the companies’ websites and through news broadcasts.

[pullquote]The last time we saw anything like this was never — Connecticut Gov. Dannell Malloy[/pullquote]

Sandy is also creating major disruptions in air traffic from Europe and elsewhere to the US. Scandinavian SAS, for example, late on Sunday cancelled its flights bound for New York at the beginning of this week.


Sandy’s expected path.

“The last time we saw anything like this was never,” Connecticut Gov. Dannell Malloy said Sunday to CNN. “I don’t know how to say it any clear than that is the largest threat to human life our state has experienced in anyone’s lifetime.”

“The scenes are straight out of a disaster blockbuster: A killer storm takes aim at one of the most populated regions of the country,” one CNN correspondent wrote in an attempet to visualize the sensation as the storm approached.

Flood warnings have already been reported. Twitter and other social media were overflowing on Monday with eyewitness accounts of the soon-to-come disaster.


Hurricane Sandy is heading north from the Caribbean, where it has left nearly five dozen dead, to meet a winter storm and a cold front, plus high tides from a full moon, and experts say the rare hybrid storm that results will cause havoc over 800 miles from the East Coast to the Great Lakes.


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Flight information is provided by FlightStats, and is subject to the FlightStats Terms of Use.


On this satellite image, hurricanes Irene and Sandy are compared in size. Puts things in perspective.

Hurricane Sandy by infrared satellite camera early on Monday.

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