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Hot List: World’s 121 best new hotels 2012

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The Naked Stables Private Reserve, Paitou Town, China. Photo:

BEST HOTELS. The Condé Nast Traveler magazine has published its 16th New Hotels Hot List, this year covering 121 hotels in 49 countries. If you’re out of ideas – and value lodging high – this is a good source of inspiration.

The list covers, for instance, the Mio Buenos Aires, a “13-story design hotel with an opaque-glass exterior on a jacaranda-lined block in swanky Recoleta”, the Fasano Boa Vista in Porto Feliz, with its “thirty-nine rooms in a row of concrete blocks on a 2,750-acre country estate, 60 miles from downtown São Paulo”, as well as the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, which “looms over the landscape like the lair of one of Batman’s villains and wouldn’t look out of place in Dubai.”

Check out the list

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