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How Google attempts to map the world

On its quest for world domination of maps, Google not only maps roads and urban areas. Its latest quest is to photograph the beaches of Florida and the rivers of Grand Canyon. This is how its done.

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The mini-documentary above was published on 29 Sep 2013 and produced for Visit Florida to help showcase the Google Trekker Project at the Governor’s Conference on Tourism.

The Trekkers outfitted with Google’s Street View camera are walking Florida’s beaches — from Perdido Key to Naples, Fernandina Beach to Key West, more than 700 miles. They began in the panhandle on July 15th and should finish in south Florida in October.

The Street View camera’s 15 lenses capture images every 2.5 seconds, creating panoramas of the world around.

On the same subject, The New York Times Magazine on December 14 ran a feature story on Google’s ongoing work to map not only roads and urban environments, but the rivers of Grand Canyon. Read the story here.

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More: Here’s a Google video featuring how the Street View works.

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