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LUXURY YACHTS: Back to the future

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Project Utopia rendering.


Project Utopia rendering.

Streets of Monaco.


BOATING. How about a weekend getaway to your own floating island, with the possibility to start the engines and re-locate if the weather turns bad? It probably all depends on how deep you are willing to dig in your wallet. They won’t come cheap, but the UK firm Yacht Island Design claims it is making progress.

The most impressive of the firm’s designs yet is without a doubt The Streets of Monaco, with theme from southern France and the Mediterranean.

Also cool is the Tropical Island Paradise, featuring an onboard volcano, waterfall, pool and a small jungle.

The newest concept from Yacht Island Design is Project Utopia, a circular vessel with 100 meters in diameter that can anchor up like an oil rig. Looking like a space ship, it stretches about 65 meters above sea level, to enable great views in all directions.


A similar concept has been launched from Australia, the Osros Floating Island. The £3 million vessel includes, according to design website Beautiful Life, “six luxury double bedrooms, with space for 12 residents and four staff members.”

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