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Faktum Hotel shows you the world of the homeless

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Website of Faktum Hotel, Gothenburg. Photo: Håkan Ludwigson

Website of Faktum Hotel, Gothenburg. Photo: Håkan Ludwigson

The news about Faktum Hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden, has spread to travel blogs and news sites all over the world. The business idea: Let visitors book a “room” for SEK 100 a night among the city’s homeless people.

The rooms aren’t what you’d normally expect. Instead of king size beds and cable TV, a public sofa in a park, a dry spot under a bridge, or a relatively hidden place down at the docks are offered – precisely the places that homeless normally use for night quarters. There are ten such bookable spots on Faktum Hotel’s website.

The money raised from the Faktum Hotel charity project goes to improvements for Gothenburg’s homeless people.

“We don’t think politicians do enough. This is a reminder of poverty and a way to get involved in an easy manner,” Aaron Israelson, editor-in-chief of Faktum magazine that is sold by homeless people in Gothenburg, says to the Huffington Post.

One of Faktum’s “rooms”, in a city park, is presented in this way on by Faktum:

The park at Haga is an idyllic location in striking distance of the city’s amenities. Overlooked by Haga’s exquisite church, this idyllic spot invites you to explore cosy cafés and fashionable second-hand shops along cobbled streets.

The charity magazine Faktum stands behind the project. It is aimed to make people aware of the situation that homeless people have to deal with every day, which is especially harsh during winters.

“We’ve had a very cold season in January and February. It’s a time when people take matters like this more serious,” Israelson said to Huffington Post.

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