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How to visit Africa’s true natural wonder

A visit to the Victoria Falls on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia is worth every effort.

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VICTORIA FALLS, ZAMBIA/ZIMBABWE – A bridge crosses the Zambezi River right on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Heavy with traffic, the bridge is also used for bungee jumping as well as vantage point for visitors who want to experience the mighty Victoria Falls.

And there he goes: Bungee jumping at the Victoria Falls.

And there he goes: Bungee jumping at the Victoria Falls.

I’ve arrived at the attraction from the Zambezi side, and, after having flagged down a taxi to the border, finds myself standing at the bridge just as a young British guy is about to send himself off towards the roaring river far below.

My stomach almost turns at the sight.

Monkeys, that sometimes bite visitors, linger in the jungle at both sides of the road, where fully loaded trucks pass back and forth between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The actual Victoria Fall is viewed from its opposite side, with the falls throwing itself down in a narrow fault in the ground.

Entering Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe.

Entering Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.

The Victoria Falls on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia can be reached from two directions, from Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean side features a town called Victoria Falls, in an attempt to attract tourists. The place is full of cheap fast food joints, some hotels and hawks trying to sell worthless Zimbabwean notes to tourists. The place is not very welcoming. You’ll be better off going to the Zambian side, where the city Livingstone, named after the famous explorer, features real restaurants, rows of good quality hostels and shops.

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