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FOOD ON THE ROAD: 3 fresh food travel blogs

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TRAVEL FOOD BLOGS. Food is a reason as good as any to travel somewhere. Or anywhere. Probably because if this fact, there are loads of travel blogs out there. Surprisingly few of them, though, had been updated lately when the Traveling Reporter’s Travel Blog Watch did a checkup in early January.

However, we did find a few interesting posts – and would love to be able to present more. So, please suggest other great travel food blogs in the comment box below.

3 good food travel blogs

1. Best sushi joints in New Orleans guides you to the best sushi in New Orleans. guides you to the best sushi in New Orleans.

To describe the small detail out of a big picture is the thing. Take sushi. There are sushi restaurants everywhere, many barely worth mentioning. So how to make it interesting? Well, by picking out the best places at an interesting city. Like New Orleans. Which is precisely what the food travel blog did. I’ve been to New Orleans twice, but I never had a sushi there. Now there is nothing else to to but to get organized and plan yet another trip. For this is how describes one of New Orleans’ sushi joints:

Located in the CBD on Fulton Street, Rock N’ Sake is all about the atmosphere. The music is loud, the bar is hoppin’, and the sushi speaks for itself. The LSU roll – tempura shrimp and cream cheese rolled in layers of snowcrab, avocado and tuna, topped with housemade eel sauce – redefines the word fan-tastic. See what I did there?


2. 5 good countries for sea food loves Sri Lanka. loves Sri Lanka.

Teaching a few interesting facts in the way, such as that there are 153 countries in the world with coastlines, suggests 5 great places to travel to for sea food lovers. The “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, Sri Lanka, tops the list, with this motivation:

Sri Lanka is a tear drop shaped island located just south of India. Surrounded by sea, you can bet Sri Lanka catches some high quality creatures.


3. Eel stew in Chile

Eel stew in Chile, by

Eel stew in Chile, by

It sure looks good on the photo, the eel stew from Chile that the reports about. Caldillo, as the dish is apparently called, is described in this way:

Caldillo, for the uninitiated, is a hugely hearty fish soup-stew, complete with potatoes, cream, coriander and big hunks of eel. When you’re cold, tired and a little lost there is absolutely nothing better to eat. It’s hot, rich, comforting and the eel adds a far richer flavour and texture than other white fish.


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