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Dating, travel, or worse? The truth of Miss Travel

As Internet entrepreneurs search for new profits, the travel sector becomes red hot. But few websites have managed to get the same level of media exposure as Miss Travel did in 2012.

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The idea behind the business is easy enough to understand. Broke, and presumably good looking, women can use the site to hook up with wealthy, and presumably single, men who want travel company. The New York Daily News ran the headline ‘Is Miss Travel website a front for prostitution?’, citing a critic who suggests the site is a “giant window for dishonestly and coercion”.

The founder, dating website entrepreneur  Brandon Wade, says, defending his project, that “escorts are not allowed to use the website. There’s no money exchanged. And there’s no sex discussed on the website at all. So for people to sort of link it or compare it with prostitution is really quite a stretch.”

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Connecting people with the common interest of traveling is always a good idea in itself, that is what websites like Tripadvisor do all the time. And dating online can hardly be described as a shady activity these days. But what if Miss Travel is something else, going beyond the accepted forms of social interaction online?


Miss Travel account selection.

To get an idea of what Miss Travel is all about, we registered Angela, 29, a 5″4′ (163 cm) blonde single girl with no children, carrying “a few extra pounds” on her body, who lives in Baltimore, Maryland. She is a social drinker, does not smoke, defines herself as an “attractive female” who wants to go to places like San Francisco, Beijing and Sydney. So far so good.


Initially, Miss Travel gives women the choice of two different types of accounts, judging if they are “Generous”, and thus are prepared to pay for their own trips, or if they are “Attractive” and want to travel for free.

After the initial registration is done, a few other alternatives with good looks in focus present themselves. It is possible, Miss Travel claims, for beautiful women to travel for free using the site. One way is obviously to hook up with a partner with a thick wallet who will pay for tickets. The other way is to earn Frequent Flyer Points. This is done by persuading a ‘Travel Sponsor’ to send you Frequent Flyer miles as a gift. Once you have 25,000 miles, “you will qualify to transfer these miles to your Frequent Flyer program with any of the major Airlines, and exchange them for free travel,” Miss Travel states.

Miss Travel Frequent Flyer points.

It is also possible to upgrade one’s account to become a paying customer, with better possibilities to interact with others in exchange.


It is a smart business model in a way, in that in connects a row of general interests of the modern human being in one place. Dating is obviously one, traveling another. Spending time with beautiful people is a third. For women, there is also the hunt for flyer miles in order to make it possible to travel for free.

On the negative side, Miss Travel spins hard on the theme of good looks and being “attractive”. Ugly people do not bother, but for perhaps very wealthy males. You could argue that Miss Travel exploits the rush in today’s society towards ever slimmer waists, bigger breasts and competition with outer good looks, leaving a large portion of mankind behind.

But then, doesn’t all dating websites do exactly that? Dating, especially online, is all about pictures and looks, at least until two people get to know themselves better and become a couple. Maybe during a trip. The same goes for the accusation that Miss Travel is a window for prostitution. Of course it can be that, along with any online social media.


So what about Angela from Baltimore, Maryland? 24 hours after her registration, she was still waiting to have her profile picture approved by the Miss Travel staff.

And without a picture, no free rides.



The editor of the Traveling Reporter works as a business news editor, and is a frequent traveler. When not doing any of that, he spends time on his boat and tries to figure out where to travel next. Two of his top destinations are the Philippines and San Francisco. Email Erik! Follow the Traveling Reporter at Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Chime In, Pinterest, Google+, Weibo, Storify, Facebook, Traveldudes, Myspace.

  • Natalia Pestell

    In fact the idea of this is GREAT and very HONEST and SINCERE. I am a member and I do think guy MUST pay for spending time with a beautiful women and THIS shows either he is a GENTLEMAN or NOT. The problem I am having with a website is OPPOSITE to what Brendon says. I am young ( 28) gorgeous model (professional model who appear in magazines)and yes, there are many guys who write to me and I write to them too. First I found out about this site half a year ago. I WAS NOT at any of the travelings.I don’t know why but HUGE amount of guys who go there ( I would say around 99%) are men who either do not have money or extremely greedy and their way of thinking goes this way: OK, I HAVE REGISTERED IN THAT WEBSITE, NOW I IMAGINE MYSELF A MILLIONAIRE AND PLAY THIS GAME WITH MYSELF.SO I WILL PLAY AN IDIOT AND EXPECT WOMEN TO TREAT ME LIKE A KING, COME TO ME SPENDING THEIR OWN AND WILL DO EVERYTHING BASICALLY JUST TO GET MY ATTENTION. That is in fact how it UNFORTUNATELY REALLY IS. You will meet there students, then broke guys with mental problems who can not even get ANY girl in their city at all, married players, who is not determined of what they want till the end, they have wives and they want sex, but they are not willing pay any cent even for anything and if they decide to buy you a ticket for a week, then they expect whole 24/7 sex with you for FREE of course.There really were some businessmen there -not totally broke dreamers guys who want to feel themselves a millionaire at least in the internet, but after I stated very clear that they CAN NOT count on sex with me just because they pay for tickets, all of them disappear. How about excluding THOSE guys from the website?????I hope my comment will be read by Brandon and he will improve the website, untill it will go to the higher level and really include the individuals who are serious about the website and not those who use it just to play around. I would recommend him to RAISE the price for membership or create the website where month of membership would cost at least 300 bucks and chose really good looking women there.
    Thanks everyone for reading my comment.

    • Thanks Natalia for that insight, interesting indeed. Would be good if more people would share their experiences with the service.

    • me

      well if you are so good looking and a model why would you even go the site?im sure you can afford to travel and take a friend with you.Good models usually do all of that and get it for free anyway.I dont see why you joined the site other than to recieve a free ride from any guy that is genuine,obviously most of them will want somthing in return and unfortunatly is usually in the form of sexual favours.And of course it would be for FREE as you described it as you wouldnt charge would you?I think you think to much of yourself to be honest and was expecting just beutifull people to be on their and you are obviously not aware that you dont have to beutifull to be attractive,personality counts for a lot and you seem to be blinded by your looks to know that.sory but this is just a point of view which you may realise when you get older and you dont LOOK so good anymore and get the attention your obviously used to.

    • latinMT

      You are totally right. I am on the website aswell and I did fly to Iceland to meet a Premium member who paid me the flight but he made me pay all the expenses over there (I spent 300euros of my English lessons) I’m glad I am back to Spain. That guys profile said he was a sound engineer and he was just an alcoholic with no regular job. Idk hoe he found the money for my flught because his house was not the one he said, he was smelly and smoking all day long (he said on MT he was “light smoker”) I did not want to hookup with him because I was too shocked of all his lies that is why he treated me like rubish. I spent a day without eating because he just had vodka and coke in his fridge. I had like 3 skype sessions with him so girls please be sure before doing this. Tell him to send u money or something to prove he is generous, I think asking money is abusive but Idk another way to probe that person is telling the truth. The only thing that I liked was walking on the mornings on Iceland. I would go back again someday when I finish my studies and have my own money. But never again by this way until someone convince me there is another way you will be sure this person is who says who is. Good luck to everyone xxxxxxx

  • Ghilant

    Hey there.
    Wanted to share my recent experience. I found very randomly.
    From the beginning it looked to me kinda strange, girls looked too beautiful to
    be true but to my surprise I spoke to several of them with cam and even added
    them on facebook later, though still didn’t organize a trip together. Basically
    what I want to say is that site is full of people who are willing to get in
    touch and travel. But my advice is to be realistic, internet is like a
    roulette-without trying there’s no champagne.

    • Hey Ghilant, interesting. Stay in touch and report if you ever get yourself out on an actual trip with this site, or any other. I’m sure it would be worth telling about.

  • Josh Kan

    I’ve tried
    already dozens of dating and sadly most of them are fake. And usually the
    concepts are boring. But recently I started to look for travel & dating
    together which sounds to me more cool. Cause its way better to travel with
    someone then on your own, especially if this someone is smart and attractive.
    Haha So I ran over a site and for me it was a discovery. Easy in usage, lots of
    information and ideas on where to go and what is the most important loads of
    hotties. I’ve tried with many of them and met one in her city. But sure I also
    got lots of girls asking to write to their emails which I think is the first
    sign of scam. I have one tip, once you get someone’s personal contact don’t run
    from the site because I noticed they have strong administration and they
    suspend those who are suspicious or bomb guys with messages.

  • Hi guys, we recently launched a travel dating site called As founders we’ve spent many years living abroad and travelling to foreign places often as solo or single travellers. We realised there was something not quite right about being in so many amazing places around the world and not being able to share them with likeminded people so we created Holidate. It’s a very different dating site because its designed with single travellers in mind. Members can search for other members based on their next travel destination or their current location, they can then make contact, share travel information and hopefully arrange a Holidate together. Safe travels!

  • Clark Kent

    I just signed up for Miss Travel as a “generous” member. The first time I tried to contact a woman I was told that my account had been suspended because of “unusual activity” and it was being investigated by “a team of fraud specialists”. I had done nothing irregular. When I next googled Miss Travel I was shown a page with my user name on it which offered a background check if I paid £50 [presumably to the team of fraud specialists]. What a cheeky swindle. You don’t need to be a specialist to see who is doing the fraud here !

  • Now that’s a creative example of healthy online business! 🙂

  • no criminals for me

    Hi everyone curious as to misstravel waste of money investment, I spent hours last year studying the reviews and info. I almost fell for a criminal (fraudster), man who is hiding in an old shack on an island, is old and creepy looking classic italian mobster Guy, has jet-black eyes, is on-the-run on fake identities and credit card fraud. Goes by the name is Gerry Vallson, or George something… mostly fake Italian names, writes well in messages, but get a good Skype chat convo and report him to California FEDS! he released his whereabouts a while ago to me, it looked horrible dark and a home on stilts on an island near CA. -says he owns properties in West Palm Beach &C.A, then why is he in such a daggy shack? He is medium height, chubby, thin lips, dark short hair, and has a daughter who is in ‘media’ and he admitted to having sexual relations with her friend in her 20’s! My clairvoyant friend told me that he’s a criminal on the run for CC-Fraud, so the flights were booked by his fake credit card. But I didn’t go. He sent me a lot of abuse once I told him about my spiritual relation. please report this man americans, he’s on the run for real. He is on miss travel, possibly more sites and looks like this the closest I can get!