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“Conditions are extremely terrible”

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More details are surfacing about the “terrible” conditions aboard the disabled cruise ship Carnival Triumph.

As the ship, towed by tugs, approached the US coast on Thursday, some of its 4,000 passengers told stories over their cellphones of hours-long lines go get food, busted toilets, fecal matter on the floors, and a bad stench in the cabins forcing passengers to sleep deck for fresh air, the Associated Press reports. A flood of complaints are expected at the ship’s operator, Carnival Cuise Line.

The Carnival Triumph, that had drifted in the Mexican Gulf for days after a fire in the engine room, was being towed to an Alabama port after its original plan to go to Mexico failed.

Carnival Cruise Lines’ spokesman Vance Gulliksen said Thursday that the ship was expected to arrive between 8 and 11 p.m. Thursday, local time. It had been expected Thursday afternoon.

Speaking by phone to NBC on Thursday morning, passenger Janie Baker called conditions “extremely terrible,” with no electricity and few working toilets, the AP reports. She had been sleeping with friends in life vests on deck because that the ship listed, for fear it might tip over. Baker described having to use plastic bags to go to the bathroom and wait in line for hours to get food. “It’s just a nightmare,” she said, according to the news agency.



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