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China: Inside the new world’s largest building

Manifesting its urge for construction and infrastructure, China has inaugurated the largest building in the world, surpassing Dubai's airport. We took a look inside.

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It’s massive, made of glass and steel, full of fun stuff, brand new – and arguably quite ugly.

And it is in Chengdu, China.

Welcome to the world’s largest building, the New Century Global Center.

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It’s so large that one could easily fit three Pentagons, the U.S. Defense Department, inside. There, The Atlantic reports, you’ll find a 500,000 square foot art center, two five-star hotels, a 14-screen IMAX cinema, a water park, luxury stores and restaurants, and an artificial sun that will provide light around the clock.

The Center’s total area covers 1.7 million square meters (19 million square feet), and overtakes the Dubai Airport as the world’s largest building, according to the Associated Press. Even more stunning, it took just three years to build.

Take a look at these New Century Global Center photos. The building even holds a beach, enabling for the residents of Chengdu, a metropolis of 14 millions, to go and have a swim, even though their city is a thousand kilometres from the nearest ocean.

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