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Can you afford going the same place twice?

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EDITOR’S BLOG. We’re about to start planning our next winter holiday, and always at those times a familiar issue surfaces. As one person brings a certain destination into the discussion, the other one says, “Yeah, I’ve already been there”.

Is it ok to go to the same place twice? And if it is, which places qualify? I can mention a few where I’ve already been twice, or even four or five times. Paris. New York. San Francisco. I’ve been to Los Angeles twice, Berlin, London and Barcelona too, not to mention Kuala Lumpur where you always end up anyway to change flights.

But while San Francisco is truly a great city, is it really that great so that I would consider going a third time, or if it would be a fourth?

As we ventured into the discussion about this winter’s destination, the idea of driving from SF to LA came up. I’ve done that too, about ten years ago, and it was a great trip. So good was it, that I would consider doing it again. But it has to be weighted against all other possible trips. Why would it be better to go to California again, rather than seeing the Arctic, southern Italy, Jakarta? I haven’t been there, and would really like to see those places.

This problem is hard to solve, I have yet to figure out a way of deciding which destinations are worthy another visit, against all the unvisited places. Any ideas? I’ll be sure to post my solution here if I can figure one out.

– Erik, editor

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