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Bye, bye Rio – until next time

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EDITOR’S BLOG. After five nights in Rio – it should have been six, had it not been for Air France – I will be leaving this mega-city with a feeling that I’m probably going to return sooner than later. It’s not a bad judgement, especially not for a city where you risk running into an armed robbery the first day. But some cities, Rio included, have much more to offer than can be achieved in a week. Naturally of course, given the size of it, but also because of the people you meet, the streets you walk and the sense that the mix of colours, people, smells, and everything else create. That is, in essence, why you would want to return to Rio de Janeiro, but not necessarily to Frankfurt.

Speking of sights, today we went to visit two favelas. Se pictures below. The views there are totally unbelievable. With the Olympic Games coming up in Rio, police and military are in high gear to take control over as many of these sub-communities – a world within the real world – as possible. According to our guide, the authorities now control 19 favelas – of about 950 or so. So rest assured there is more on that subject in the news ahead. As well as on Traveling Reporter, by the way, so be sure not to miss our favela story in a few weeks.

Tomorrow, we’re off to Peru and Lima, where the plan is to catch a south-bound bus from Lima. More on that later.



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