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Business trips increased in February

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Business travel increase

BIZ TRAVEL. World business travel increased during February, according to the International Air Transport Association, IATA. That in turn boosted the proportion of premium ticket sales, making it the fourth consecutive month of improvement since the low-point last October, the Times of India reports.

Economy class travel also increased in February, by 8.9% from a year ago, well above the January result of 6.1%, according to the report.

Meanwhile, another study indicates that business travelers carry out more work on every single trip, at least in the US, indicating a trend that could contradict an increasing number of trips. According to the study, which cobers a time span of eleven years, the estimated total number of trips in the U.S. dropped 22.7% from 2000 to 2011, though overall spending on business travel increased 3.3%. The study was released last week by the Global Business Travel Assn., a trade group in Virginia, the Business Insider reports.

In 2000, the association estimated that Americans spent $243 billion on more than 576 million business trips. Last year, spending on business trips rose to $251 billion, but the number of trips dropped to 445 million, the article says.

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