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Here’s the ultimate best of-travel list

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Reader’s Choice of the best hotels, cities, airlines and more from Condé Nast.

CNTRAVELER.COM Condé Nast Traveler magazine is maybe not considered as being a blog (and, after all, this page is about travel blogs). But as it is now featuring the 2012 Reader’s Choice of the best hotels, islands, cities, airlines and cruises, this website is impossible to skip if you’re into traveling. Simply all the best travel deals there are around. So what the heck about the blog thing.

No less than 46,476 readers have helped carve out the list, or lists rather, of places, including sections such as Top Ten resorts in Hawaii, Europe’s best cities, top cities of Africa and the Middle East, and the best one hundred items of everything. Damn it if we ever saw a better and more nicely edited top travel destinations list. I only wish I’d done it myself. Be warned, though, as you might end up spending the whole evening browsing all the nice places.

To Condé Nast’s Reader’s Choice top list


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