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BEST TRAVELS: Check out the Traveling Reporter’s new features!

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AN EVEN BETTER TRAVEL SITE. We are proud to announce the result of a few week’s development of and its features, including improved navigation, a brand new video section, better archives and a truckload of other fancy stuff.

The main improvement is our new top navigation menu, the orange thing right below the Traveling Reporter logo on every page. At first glance, it might not look as much. But our tech guy has been hard at work fitting as many features as possible into the menu section.

Here are the main new features:

The News menu.

Under the News menu you’ll find our latest news reports on the travel industry, as well as links to all our news categories, our monthly newsletter, and a brand new currency calculator. Why don’t you sign up for our newsletter while you’re at it!


The Regions menu, with links to destinations all over.

The Regions menu has been given a full makeover, too, now featuring our latest stories from the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia in one place. You’ll also find useful links to travel stories and news items from over 80 destinations. From Amsterdam to Washington DC and a truckload of places in between!


The Pictures menu, your source for travel inspiration.

The Pictures menu is a brand new feature where you’ll find the editor’s pics of travel pictures from all over the world. The menu features three galleries, often updated, as well as our latest picture stories and links to the Reporter’s other collections of images.


The new Travels menu, with country facts and flight time calculator.

Our Travels menu features the most recent travel stories, as well as links to all our different travel departments. Here you’ll also be able to calculate your flight time and find quick facts about the countries you’re about to visit. This section is still in Beta mode – more good things are to come. Please feel free to suggest improvements in the comments box below.


The TV menu, still under development, with updated travel videos, guides and stories.

The TV menu is the Traveling Reporter’s first step into the video department. Still under development, this feature aims to bring you best and funniest video travel stories and news programmes, guides and video diaries from all over the world as soon as we find them. Stay tuned, as this feature is to be improved further.


Our front page Featured Stories slider at the bottom of the front page has been given a smoother look.

If you scroll down a bit on the Reporter’s front page, you’ll find that the Featured Stories slider has been given a new look as well and, we think, is now operating more smoothly than before. Here a selection of our best stories is shown by random. Great for inspiration!

Stay tuned for future updates of the Traveling Reporter!


The editor of the Traveling Reporter works as a business news editor, and is a frequent traveler. When not doing any of that, he spends time on his boat and tries to figure out where to travel next. Two of his top destinations are the Philippines and San Francisco. Email Erik! Follow the Traveling Reporter at Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Chime In, Pinterest, Google+, Weibo, Storify, Facebook, Traveldudes, Myspace.