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BEST TRAVELS 2013. Inevitably this time of the year, lists are published pinpointing the upcoming year’s best travel destinations. The Traveling Reporter, decided there are enough such lists already. Instead, we scanned the existing lists, and have thus instead come up with a list of lists of the best travel destinations 2013.

Here it is: The best 2013 travel destinations lists list

• Travel guide publishing house Lonely Planet has put together a great section, featuring categories such as “Regions on the rise”, “Best places to get fit” and “Cities set for an unforgettable year”. Read it here. In fact, the Planet has managed to get such a good spread for its 2013 travel forecast so that almost every other article on the subject derives from this survey alone.

International Business Times has put together its own list, where South Korea’s capital Seoul tops the list. Especially for golfers, Seoul apparently has lots to offer. Sochi, Russia, where the next Winter Olympics will be held, is also on the list, as well as Nepal, Wellington, Chile, Abu Dhabi, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

• Focusing on budget travels, Yahoo’s travel desk has put together a destination list that feels both updated, credible and fresh. You’ll find justifications for going to Nashville, Tennessee, Antalya, Turkey and Palm Springs, California (which might not feel that budget…), as well as Boracay, in the Philippines.

RELATED Boracay quick travel guide has based its 2013 travel outlook on luxury travel agent Cox & Kings, which predicts, for example, that travels to Cold War remnants and Historical trails will be in focus. The firm also lists Safe Solo Female Travel, which is of course good, but many of the other points seem a little outdated.

Bodø, Norway. Photo: NatGeo

Bodø, Norway. Photo: NatGeo

• Always with superb quality, the National Geographic has of course its own 2013 travel list. [pullquote]Cities may rise and fall, but the great ones—and Marseille is among them—always rise again. – National Geographic[/pullquote]The magazine proposes Marseilles, France, for its historic grandness, Raja Ampat, Indonesia, for snorkeling, and Great Baer Rainforest in Canada for the fact that it is the world’s largest coastal temperate rain forest. Lake Malawi, Malawi, is also on the list, as well as Quito, Ecuador, Uganda, and Bodø, Norway.

But the Traveling Reporter of course has its own travel list — a short one, but mighty good. Here we go:

[pullquote]We ended up staying two or three nights in a family’s apartment in downtown Havana, a home in a huge concrete block with wooden jalousies in the window frames and the noises and sounds from a thousand Cubans gearing up for the New Year’s Eve streaming through the door. – Erik Bergin[/pullquote]
Cuba – since 1959, this unlikely island has managed to survive in the middle of world politics, blockades and on the brink of world war. The Castro brothers are clearly on the way out, to great relief for many Cubans. But still, the Cuban society is one giant time machine. You never know what it will change into after the regime falls. Go there before it is too late.

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Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo – If you head to Tokyo in 2013, be sure not to miss the Tsukiji Fish Market, the world’s largest, which is set to close in its present form in 2014.

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Arholma island, northern Stockholm archipelago.

Arholma island, northern Stockholm archipelago.

Archipelago of Sweden — As torn as the frase is, the fact is the archipelago of Sweden is really unique. Just the part outside of Stockholm covers some 35,000 islands. In summer, many of these turn into small paradises, good to explore in a kayak or by shuttle ferry from Stockholm.

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MORE GREAT DESTINATIONS: Southern Spain, Fiji, Mexico

What’s your best destination tips for 2013?
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