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Best time to find cheap air tickets

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An airport arrivals and departures board.

AIRLINE TICKET PRICES. Recent fare analysis by the Airlines Reporting Corporation seems to challenge the conventional wisdom that the earlier you book, the less expensive your fare will be, the New York Times reports.

In January, the corporation reported that over the past four years passengers paid the lowest price for domestic flights when buying just about six weeks in advance, according to the NYT. But that analysis does not hold when it comes to international flights. The findings indicate that the window for booking the cheapest ticket for a summer trip from the States to Europe or a vacation summer flight to the Caribbean, used as examples by the New York Times, have increased over the past three years, in some cases up to 24 weeks.

There is a chance to snap a last minute-ticket for a low price – but don’t count on it:

“If [airlines] don’t see bookings materialize the way they’d like, they will put the route on sale,” said Henry H. Harteveldt, a travel industry analyst, to the Times. But Mr. Harteveldt and other travel watchers agree that booking well in advance is a safe bet, the Times reports.

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