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At least 55 dead in Syrian car bombings

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Syrian car bombs

SYRIAN CONFLICT. The odor of death spread over the Syrian capital on Thursday as two car bombs exploded in the morning rush hours in Damascus. Burning cars, crushed facades and parts of human bodies were thrown over an area that, according to witnesses, reminded of Baghdad during the Iraqi war a few years ago.

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A nine story building was destroyed, left with a huge crater outside were a bomb went off, news agencies reported. Smoke welled from a burned-out vehicle parked around. “This is yet another example of the suffering that the Syrian people has to withstand, caused of he violence. I urge everybody both outside Syria and inside to help end the violence,” said the Norwegian UN general Robert Mood, chief of the international observer task force that has been sent in to monitor the fragile peace agreement between the government and the political opposition.

State news agencies talked about two suicide bombers that were said to have taken at least 55 lives and caused injuries to at least 372 people, with the political opposition reporting even higher death tolls.

Who were the organizers behind the bombings wasn’t immediately clear. Both sides blamed each other for having caused an escalation of the violence.

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