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ALHAMBRA: Granada’s mighty remnant of the Moors

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QUICK GUIDE – GRANADA, SPAIN. Covered in greenery and surrounded by the Sierra Nevada mountains, the city of Granada in southern Spain does not disappoint when it comes to great settings and dramatic perspectives. Within an hour from both beach and skiing, Granada is a must if you head to southern Spain. But if you think the beautiful city’s closeness to sea and mountains are reasons good enough to go there, wait till you get to see Granada’s real drawcard.

For here, looming over Granada atop a high steep hill, stands the Alhambra, the Moorish architectural masterpiece that was built around the years 1,250-1,300 and that has been thoroughly preserved to this day. As if taken right out of “One Thousand and One Nights”, walking the streets, plazas and yards of the Alhambra is a journey back in time. It is more Istanbul than Spain, and it is impossible not to get impressed by the exquisite details of the ceilings, walls and doors of the fort.

One of the best parts of the castle is its gardens, and a good idea is to make a visit during nighttime, or late evening, to take in the views of Granada down below.

To fully explore the Alhambra complex with its gardens, squares, halls and towers will take the better part of a day. You should also consider setting off time for a visit during the dark hours, to enjoy the castle’s full range of beautiful views and angles. A visit at Alhambra is highly recommended by the Traveling Reporter.

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