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Above Rio: The ride of a lifetime

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EDITOR’S BLOG. There are things, quite expensive things, that really don’t fit into a budget travel, but that need to be invested in anyway. Riding a helicopter over Rio is one of those things. It’s an awesome adventure, and quite thrilling to acctually see the Jesus statue with its splendin view over Rio – from above. If you ask me, that ride is worth every penny.

Note: There are more on Rio and helicopter rides coming up on the Traveling Reporter, don’t miss it!

Right now, by the way, we are re-locating from Santa Teresa after two nights to Ipanema, where we’ll spend three nighs. A tour to a favela, the usually quite poor neighborhoods scattered around Rio, is also planned. As for me, I’ll try to get rid of my cold by going to the beach today and read a bool.

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