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The editor

The editor

Welcome to the Traveling Reporter (,, your source for info on the world’s best cheap travel destinations, travel news, inspiration and ideas regarding all kinds of travel, in every part of the world.

We do not seek to become yet another Tripadvisor, Yahoo Travel, Virtualtourist, or any other of those general travel resource pages. Whereas those are all wonderful tools, the idea behind this site is to actively combine journalism with the idea of learning about and discover new places.

Many travel sites spend their time publishing endless rows of photos of paradise-looking beaches, hotels, buildings and cities. The Traveling Reporter does that too, occasionally, but we do not hesitate to show the world as it really looks. Therefore, here you will find unmasked images and real stories of some of the world’s greatest destinations, rather than staged scenes, aimed only to attract more tourists, that are not really true. This is the Reporter’s most important goal.

The Traveling Reporter provides weekly (at least) updates of news, pictures, stories, inspiration, reviews and all kind of other information, like travel warnings issued by governments, that travelers around the world will find useful.

We want active users. Therefore, you can post your own travel experience on CheckMyPlaces. You can also submit your own travel story and pic here. Alternatively, you might email with your smartphone to

In need of travel ideas? Check out our Inspiration section. Looking for air tickets? Search on our booking page and browse our travel deals page for cheap hotels and tickets. And don’t miss our valuable tips on how to stay safe when you travel.

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• Regarding Advertorials: The Traveling Reporter does not publish advertorials as free guest posts. We do, however, publish payed ads in the form of a post, if the advertiser is found to meet our standards (travel related industry, etc). Such ads are marked as ‘Advertisement’ and filed under the ‘AD’ category (see ‘Regarding Advertising’ above).

• Regarding journalistic principles: We adhere to ordinary journalistic rules of conduct. While some of our stories might be subjective, the views and opinions therein are always the author’s personal ones, not the ones of corporations or organizations. Occasionally, the Traveling Reporter does publish stories from external content provider partners (labeled “External Content Provider”, “AFP” or similar), but only after careful consideration by our editor.

• The Traveling Reporter travel news web site (at the address or, if you will, is owned and operated by the Swedish firm Bergin Media and its owner Erik Bergin (the guy in the small pic above). Being a journalist with a broad interest in travels and operating out of Stockholm, Sweden, he also runs the Swedish travel blog En Resande Reporters Äventyr (A Traveling Reporter’s Adventure).

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