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A winter’s day of skiing in Sweden

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It’s not the Alps, but it can certainly be worthwhile to head up in the northern part of Sweden for a fun day or two of skiing. Every weekend during the winter season, stressed out residents of Stockholm, the capital, pack their gear onto early departing buses at the city’s Central Station for a day’s fresh air at Romme Alpin, about two and a half hours north from Stockholm. At 4 PM as the lifts close, they go all the way back again to enjoy the city life.

But for those who want more, there’s little to compare in Sweden with Åre, the famous ski resorts just north of the city of Östersund, a full-fledged ski slope system that has hosted several alpine cups throughout the years. Åre claims to be the largest resort north of the Alps, and here you can enjoy not only first-class skiing but the full range of after skis, parties, shopping, and spa treatments.

Further north, you’ll find the Riksgränsen resort, not as high in altitude as Åre but with some majestic sceneries for those who want to appreciate nature as well as the slopes.

For families, there’s a range of resorts that probably come as a better fit than hardcore, ski-party destinations as Åre. Sälen and Stöten are two of those.

For the slopes in the south, season in effect starts well into the new year, but in the north snow covers the mountains as early as October and November. Conditions may change quickly, so be sure to investigate the status of where you want to go. The website Snörapporten has information in Swedish on current snow status. Skistar, Sweden’s largest ski resort operator, has its own web page with information in both Swedish and English.

To be certain, for those on a tight budget that does not include an air ticket to the Alps, Sweden has a lot to offer. Check out the full list of resorts below. The three websites have further information (all in English).

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The Ski Resorts of Sweden

Ski Resort


Top Lift


Abisko / Nuolja 2/5 2-Star 1/5 1-Star
Bjursås SkiCenter 94 400 3/5 3-Star 2/5 2-Star 1/5 1-Star
Björklidens Fjällanläggningar 15 958 1/5 1-Star 4/5 4-Star 1/5 1-Star
Björnrike 950 3/5 3-Star 2/5 2-Star
Branäs 12 570 1/5 1-Star 4/5 4-Star 1/5 1-Star
Bydalen 1010 4/5 4-Star 3/5 3-Star
Funäsdalen 1200 4/5 4-Star 4/5 4-Star 3/5 3-Star
Funäsfjalen 1800 4/5 4-Star 4/5 4-Star 3/5 3-Star
Grönklitt Skidcenter
Grövelfjäll 1204
Hemavan 1135 3/5 3-Star 4/5 4-Star 3/5 3-Star
Hovfjället 592 3/5 3-Star 1/5 1-Star
Hundfjället i Sälen
Idre Fjäll 28 890 4/5 4-Star 3/5 3-Star 3/5 3-Star
Isaberg 27
Järvsö 10 370 1/5 1-Star 3/5 3-Star 1/5 1-Star
Kiruna 598 2/5 2-Star 3/5 3-Star 1/5 1-Star
Kläppen 34 3/5 3-Star 1/5 1-Star 2/5 2-Star
Lindvallen 42 4/5 4-Star 2/5 2-Star 1/5 1-Star
Lofsdalen 1125 3/5 3-Star 2/5 2-Star
Mullsjö 33 330 3/5 3-Star 3/5 3-Star
Nya Dundret 3/5 3-Star 3/5 3-Star
Riksgränsen 199 910 2/5 2-Star 4/5 4-Star 1/5 1-Star
Romme Alpin 11 400 3/5 3-Star 2/5 2-Star 1/5 1-Star
Storlien 16 830 2/5 2-Star 3/5 3-Star 1/5 1-Star
Stöten i Sälen
Sundsvall 179 3/5 3-Star 1/5 1-Star
Sunne 6 365 3/5 3-Star 2/5 2-Star
Säfsen 11 3/5 3-Star 1/5 1-Star 1/5 1-Star
Sälen 145 800 4/5 4-Star 2/5 2-Star 2/5 2-Star
Tandådalen / Hundfjället
Tänndalen / Ramundberget 1200 4/5 4-Star 4/5 4-Star 3/5 3-Star
Tärnaby 1550 4/5 4-Star 3/5 3-Star 2/5 2-Star
Ulricehamn Skicenter 3 300
Vallåsen 5/5 5-Star 1/5 1-Star
Vemdalen 49 930 3/5 3-Star 4/5 4-Star 2/5 2-Star
Wäsa Alpin 480
Åre 93 1270 3/5 3-Star 2/5 2-Star 1/5 1-Star
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