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7 cruising options for people who hate cruises

Hordes of too-close-for-comfort fellow passengers. Mediocre-at-best food. Rushed, unstimulating shore excursions. And drunk spring breakers spilling pink drinks in the hot tub. But still – there are options to go on a cruise even for people who hate them, according to Marketwatch.

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The financial news website Marketwatch has the guide for those who absolutely hate ordinary cruises – and with good reasons. The food is often mediocre, passengers often drunk even before the vessel has left its moorings, and you’ll no way to get off once it does.

There are other reasons, too, to avoid the booming industry. As Marketwatch reports:

While 21.7 million people plan to take a cruise this year, up from 21.3 million in 2013, there is still a small but impassioned group that just says no to cruising. Indeed, nearly a third of people who have never taken a cruise say they don’t want to take one. And a Harris Interactive survey conducted in June found that perceived-quality scores for some of the major cruise lines had fallen 13% from earlier in the year, and consumer intent to purchase a cruise was down 11%. 

Part of people’s reluctance to cruise, of course, is a slew of bad press for cruise lines in the past few years, including a recent alleged assault on a Holland America cruise, the Carnival “poop cruise,” the Costa Concordia shipwreck and the Royal Caribbean norovirus outbreak. 

So, here are the seven cruising ideas for those who just don’t want to go on one. Read the guide.

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