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6 best things about Cyprus

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Cyprus has become the latest European state to be dragged down by the burden of public debt and faulty banks. The fix that the EU tried over the weekend to impose on the Cypriots: confiscate some of their money, by a one-time bank deposit tax.

It’s easy to feel compassion with this small island, burdened by debt and divided and occupied for decades by the Turks – especially since Cyprus has so many advantages. Six of them, to be exact, as the Daily Beast points out in a heavy-weight analysis. It’s small, has really old wine, it’s “kind of two countries”, it’s an island of love, and there are actually a few famous-looking people coming from Cyprus. Not least, it’s nice there, the Beast states. Well, read the rest of the Beast’s elaboration on the six best things about Cyprus here.

The Daily Beast's six best things about Cyprus.

The Daily Beast’s six best things about Cyprus.

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