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Santorum ahead in Republican race

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US ELECTION: Moral conservative Rick Santorum is putting a new political agenda on the table, as he increase his lead against Mitt Romney in the Republican race of electing a right-wing challenger of president Obama.

Santorum has won caucases in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado in the last few weeks and is now the clear favourite among the Republican candidates.

A father of seven, he is against homo marriges, doubts that female soldiers participating in battles is a good idea, and accuses Obama of having a “fake faith”. “It’s not about you, or your quality of life, or your job. It’s about fake ideals, a fake teology”, Santorum claimed at at campaign meeting in Ohio this weekend.

Compared to Romney, who is accused of changing views every now and then, Santorum is steadfast in his beliefs. For example, during his twelve years in Congress, he went against every single suggestion about allowing any type of abortion. Personally he claims to be against all forms of contraceptives, even though he does not want them banned in law.

According to, Santorum leads by as much as 12 percentage points in one poll. In the last one, carried out between 8-18 of Feb, his lead was 5.4.

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